Get started with Martial Arts

Shinson Hapkido is martial arts for everyone. That means that anyone can join the training and get sweaty, sore muscles and a smile on their face.

The training will challenge for physique, mind and courage. As you progress you become calm in body and mind. For both children and adults, it is an opportunity to make body and head work together. In Shinson Hapkido we always train together and help each other to become better from training to training.

It is Mindfulness in movement. You start and finish every training with meditation. The goal is inner calmness and a relaxed body, so you can resist stress and emotional pressure as well as avoid outer dangers. “Mindfulness” is in Shinson Hapkido not only about sitting still and meditating, but also about achieving mindfulness in motion.

Come join us and experience a different martial art.

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